Our mission is simple.

We drive profits, not promises.

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At Atlas Digital, we help companies grow their profits with digital marketing. Our bread and butter are Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels, but we also offer everything from Webinars to Chatbots.

Over the past few months, we've been featured on Forbes, Proof, and are a Venture For America Startup. Some of our clients include the likes of Morgridge Family Foundation (Cisco family), David Finkel (Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author) and Kathleen Fry (Doctor that's been featured on Women's Day, Cosmopolitan and SELF). 

We work in a variety of industries including: Dentists, Chiropractors, Wedding Venues, Attorneys, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Gyms, and even Paragliding Companies. 

Check out some of our latest records 🙌

⚡ Drove 1.2 Million in revenue for a Wedding Venue in 6 Months
⚡ Generated over 1,000 highly qualified leads for chiropractors in CO, TX, OK
⚡ Created a system for an Auto Shop to drive an additional $20,000 MRR
⚡ Doubled The Income of a doctor in Boulder, Colorado in just two months
⚡ Ran a viral review campaign for a doctor which led to 200 reviews in one week
⚡ Over 400 leads generated for a Denver hair salon in 3 days
⚡ Reached 1.9 Million readers on Quora in just 60 Days

Why do we do what we do? 

Quite frankly... After having worked with a wide variety of businesses, we realized so many had been left burned (and poorer) by the experience of dealing with other marketing agencies. So we started Atlas Digital with one mission in mind: drive profits, not promises. 


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Meet The Team

Based out of Boulder, Colorado.


Marcos Rosenkjer

Co-Founder, CEO

Marcos is the business growth mastermind of Atlas Digital. He's also been featured on Proof and is a sponsored athlete of Athletic Greens and Gradient USA. 


Joel Kaplan

Co-Founder, CMO

Joel is the marketing genius of Atlas Digital. He's also been featured on Forbes, has 1.9 Million Views on Quora and is a a Venture For America and Knight Foundation Fellow. 


Connor Tieulie

Head Of Media

Connor is the creator behind all of our media and videos. He has over 50K followers on Instagram and has shot for the likes of Subaru, Red Bull and the City of Denver. 


Marissa Casey

Operations Manager and Content Creation Strategist

Marissa is in charge of managing our social media and content creation as well as our operations department. 

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